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Welcome to Alter Chiropractic located in Delray Beach, FL. I’m Dr. Ryan Alter. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, there is a pretty good chance that we might be able to help you:

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, Migraines, Pinched Nerves, Herniated or Bulging Discs, Lower Back Pain, Whiplash, Migraine headaches, or a variety of other conditions. Or maybe you were involved in a car accident or suffered a work injury.

Whatever the problem is, we are here to help. At our chiropractic center in Delray Beach you can rest assured that when you come to see us, you are going to be well taken care.

If you're looking for a top Delray Beach chiropractor that provides family chiropractic care we are here to help. It's also a bonus that most insurances are accepted. Today many people are searching for a “chiropractor near me”. We hope to be your first choice. Also, don’t forget to click on our New Patient Special. It’s a great way to test drive our services.

Welcome to Alter Chiropractic

Here at our office, we treat those conservatively as well as, or better than, anyone. Chiropractic is a phenomenon with how safe and effective it is. I have been a chiropractor for 12 years and I am still amazed every day at what chiropractic can do for people’s health.

We have digital x-ray, so all of our imaging is done on a computer. We have our therapy area, that everybody loves.

I have treated 1000’s of patients, from just a few weeks old, all the way to 94 years old.
Some of the most severe auto crash cases, work injuries, sports injuries.

Our Delray Beach chiropractic team at Alter Chiropractic is ready to meet with you today. We will discuss your needs and help design a program that will help you feel better fast. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alter Chiropractic
15132 Jog Road
Delray Beach, FL 33446
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No prescriptions drugs, needle injections, or surgery. After seeing more than 2,000 patients over the past 7 years at our chiropractic wellness center in Delray Beach, I can tell you that you are making a good decision. We can help you feel a hundred times better!


Your first chiropractic consultation is FREE. When you come in, you won't have to wait. Paperwork is simple. We'll handle all the insurance for you. If you don’t have insurance, we can put together a care plan that nearly everyone can afford.


After your initial free consultation, I will do a careful evaluation and lay out a plan to get you better as fast as possible. You deserve to feel better, to perform better, and to have your life be the way you want. I’m ready to help you … BE YOUR BEST!

Dr. Ryan Alter has treated over 2,000 patients, ranging from one week old to age 94!

If you don't have insurance, we can put together a care plan that nearly everyone can afford.

If you have insurance, we will handle it for you to help you get the best care possible.

Our caring staff loves helping everyday people like you live a great, pain-free life.

Don't spend your time waiting. At our office, we offer appointments with no waiting time.

Our clinic has years of experience treating people who have been injured in accidents.

Dr. Ryan Alter is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Practitioner, with experience helping all ages.

Featured on NBC, ABC, and CBS News in Palm Beach County for his profound work with head pain.

Dr. Alter will tell you like it is, and if he can't help you, he will refer you to someone who can.

Taking Chiropractic Care

To the Next Level


The results of Dr. Alter's technique speak for themselves. Anyone suffering from health problems should definitely get their Atlas checked by an Atlas Orthogonist.

Jordan Rubin, New York Times Bestselling author of The Maker's Diet


I never knew what it felt like to not have a migraine. I feel like a new person and I owe it all to Dr. Alter. His office staff are very personable and very caring. Thank you, Dr. Alter!

Eileen Maronna


Dr. Alter spends time with each patient explaining his methods and the expected results. I am very grateful to him and his staff for the relief of pain he has brought me. Thank you!

Sylvia Gentner


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