Chiropractic Testimonials

Jordan Rubin Testimonial"Having spent my entire career as a natural health practitioner, author and founder of Garden of Life, a leading company in the natural products industry, I have been exposed to many different types of healing modalities. Keeping a busy schedule including international travel, I subject my body and especially my spine to tremendous stress. When I'm home and especially after long trips, I get treated by Dr. Alter because of the effectiveness of the procedure he utilizes. I drive 45 minutes to Dr. Alter’s office because there is no one else trained in this type of work closer to where I live. If I wasn’t so busy, I would be in Dr. Alter’s office more often. Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic is by far the most specific type of spinal work there is. I speak from experience having received thousands of chiropractic adjustments since the age of 6 months. The results of Dr. Alter's technique speak for themselves. Anyone suffering from health problems should definitely get their Atlas checked by an Atlas Orthogonist. This cutting-edge procedure is a must for someone looking to optimize their health and wellness."

— Jordan Rubin, Palm Beach, FL · 09.28.2012 · New York Times Bestselling author of The Maker's Diet

pam delrosso testimonial"I have suffered with migraine headaches for over 25 years, and tried every medication out there with no luck. I have had several MRI's and visited more than one Neurologist only to be put on more medication that never really worked anyway. I just figured I would have to live with the headaches.

I figured I had nothing to lose. I am so glad I made that phone call! I saw Dr. Alter for the first time about 2 months ago and have not had a migraine since. Before that I was getting them several times a week. Thank you Dr. Alter, and my family thanks you too. I no longer have to spend 3-4 days a week in bed with a migraine."

— Pam DelRosso, Plan Specialist

amer breiche testimonial"I feel like a new person after my well scheduled treatment at your office. I had a problem with my left leg for over 15 years, I could not bend down to tie my shoes or walk straight. But after your amazing treatment and the therapy, I feel alive and back to playing soccer and tennis which I missed a lot. Thank you."

— Amer Breiche

carol beiler testimonial"My name is Carol Beiler. I am 59 years old. I've lived with debilitating headaches and back pain for 20 years. I thought this was from a few rear end wrecks in the 70's/ 80's. Then I saw a story on the local news about Dr. Alter and a new way to get rid of headache. After seeing so many doctors and chiropractors, I was skeptical but the pain was so bad I couldn't go much of anywhere and do anything so I made the appointment. Dr. Alter took x-rays September 25, and we went back September 26. He explained my problem and told us I qualify. He did the procedure that day completely painless. When I left his office, my headache was gone. Now after 7 visits my headaches are 90% better and my back is getting there. I don't have medical insurance and often spending thousands of dollars on doctors tests. My miracle has cost me $670. If you do what he tells you, he can help you to. P.S. My husband say's he's got his wife back....Thank you Dr. Alter"

— John and Carol Beiler

christie nielsen testimonial"My name is Christie Nielsen and I have been a patient of Dr. Alter since September, 2010. I have suffered severe pain in my neck and shoulders for approximately 2 years. I had a series of Lidocaine injections which worked for about a year and a half. It was at this point that my family physician recommended Dr. Alter and I must tell you that with Dr. Alter's system of "gentle adjustments", I am now PAIN FREE!! Hard to believe? It's true! And I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Alter and his very competent staff of Donna and Rebecca working in his very modern office. Thanks, Dr. Alter. I know you said my neck was "a mess", but you have worked a miracle! P.S. My husband now goes to Dr. Alter and he has seen early relief from a lifelong problem."

— Christie Nielsen

delores faranda testimonial"Thank You Dr. Alter for giving me back my life. For years I have greatly suffered from migraine headaches and sever dizziness. I have been to numerous doctors and have had numerous tests and medications. Nothing has helped me as a matter of fact I was getting worse. My condition caused me debilitation and intimidation. I never knew when they would strike again and when they did I was incapacitated for days. Much time lost from work. I was introduced to Dr. Alter on a local T.V. presentation. I was very reluctant at first but made an appointment to see Dr. Alter. After my first adjustment, which was painless, I followed Dr. Alter program. I had a second adjustment. I can truly say my headaches and dizziness are gone. Thank you Dr. Alter you will always be in my prayers. God Bless you on your journey."

— Delores Faranda

delores davis testimonial"I am a 77 year old female who has suffered with lower back and hip problems for many years. I have had physical therapy, massage therapy, and have been to several chiropractors in the past. There has always been minimal relief for a short period, but the problem always persisted. Dr. Alter was suggested to me by a friend. I started going to him about a year ago and was seen several times a week for a time. Little by little the discomfort was relieved and I am now only going for maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks. His therapy is non-evasive and has been very successful. I can now get up from a sitting position without any pain. I would suggest that anyone with back or hip pain to give Dr Alter a chance at helping. Thank you Dr Alter."

— Dolores Davis

eileen maronna testimonial"I have been suffering from almost daily migraine headaches for 30 years. There have been many, many days when I've had to take medication and go to bed in a quiet room with a sleep mask to deter any light. My Internist and my Nephrologist have both prescribed Fiorinal, Fioricet and, the latest drug is Esgic Plus. These are all narcotics. There have been many times when I've had to leave work to go home to bed with my pills and my sleep mask only to wake hour's later feeling washed out. Ten years ago I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is an inflammation of the muscles. Every day it makes you feel like you have the flu. Some days are worse than others. There is no medication for this condition. Recently my good friend, Lisa, told me about Dr. Ryan Alter. I was leery about seeing a Chiropractor so I investigated and was sold on scheduling an appointment ASAP. Dr. Alter changed my life from my first visit 3 weeks ago. I have not had a migraine or fibromyalgia pain in 3 weeks. I have not taken any migraine medication since. I never knew what it felt like to not have a migraine. I feel like a new person and I owe it all to Dr. Alter. By the way, his office staff are very personable and very caring. Thank you, Dr. Alter!!"

— Eileen Maronna

ella chazan testimonial"I had debilitating lower back and neck pain. I have taken medications, as well as seen Rheumatologists and orthopedic surgeons. I've also had an MRI, CT scan, PET scan and many X-rays. Then I was referred by patients of mine that had seen Dr. Alter, whom was actually found by their son who also is a chiropractor. Since my treatments with Dr. Alter it has enabled me to me travel again! I am now 85% better after seeing Dr. Alter for 6-8 weeks. Without treating with Dr. Alter I would still have the old physical limitations that were changing my life in a negative way. Since Dr. Alter, that's all changed!"

— Ella Chazan, Psychotheripist

esther westle testimonial"My name is Esther. I've had headaches since June. My doctor sent me for a MRI of the brain, it showed nothing. I went to the dentist to have my teeth checked. Everything good there, I then went and had my eyes checked, everything good there. They sent me to a Neurologist. He said it was stress and tension. He gave me a prescription, the pain was off and on after that. I was watching television and saw Dr. Alter's ad. He helps headaches, and also neck and spine. I called for an appointment. He put my neck back in place and I'm now in therapy. The pain is still off and on, but I feel I am making progress. My husband and I attended his wellness class. We learned a lot about what goes on in the body. I shall continue until I feel that it is no longer necessary."

— Esther Westle

nanci snyder testimonial"I am 42 years old. I have had headaches since childhood…I have dealt with my migraines as they have gotten worse through the year. I have had MRI’s, CT scans, and even seen a neurologist, and my headaches were still there. I had one every day and an unbearable one once or twice a week. I heard about Dr. Alter and I figured I would give him a chance. As my 12 year old daughter said, “mom, even if it hurts a little its not as bad as your pain with your headaches. I had one treatment with him (which didn’t even hurt) and I was pain free. It’s now one month into treatment and I have only had one minor headache!!! I didn’t even have to take any pills and it went away. THANKS DR. ALTER YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER….I have never felt this good before. No more pills for me."

— Nanci Snyder

stratos testimonial"I'm 25, and have been visiting Dr. Alter over a year now for treatment of my neck pain.
I noticed the pain after a car accident when I was 18, and didn't think much of it. I kept-up with my boyhood hobbies of boxing, breakdancing, and skateboarding, all of which were not great activities for the neck. The pain got so severe that I had to seek-out therapy. So far, I've been through electrotherapists, massage, old-school chiropractors (the ones that break your neck and say it helps), yoga, and some more modern chiropractors that use an activator method. Finally I found Dr. Alter's Atlas orthogonal treatment, and within a few visits my pain was gone, as if I never had it at all. The treatment comes with some skepticism, but it's no different than some of the more modern medical treatments like laser therapy, or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Thank you so much Dr. Alter for everything you've done."

— Stratos

sylvia gentner testimonial"I was referred to Dr. Ryan Alter by Dr. Lawrence Arbeitman of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth of New Jersey. I was in a severe car accident in March of 2006. Since that time I have been treated by two chiropractors, two orthopedics and countless physical therapists. I have also gone through multiple epidural injections that did not help. I go to a gym on a regular basis and practice core exercises.

After all of the above; I still continue to have pain running down the back of my left leg. I can not stand for any length of time without pain and the need to sit for relief. I could not walk for more than fifteen minutes.

I started with Dr. Alter twice a week on Jan. 11, 2008. I am no longer in intense pain. I can walk for forty five minutes. I am almost pain free and walk straight for the first time in almost two years. His treatment is absolutely painless and has been as successful as I could hope for. Dr. Alter and his staff are great. They have a scientific and technical approach with expected results and a healing process that I have witnessed.

Dr. Alter spends the necessary time with each patient explaining his methods and the expected results. He takes the time for one to understand the approach. I am very grateful to him and his staff for the relief of pain he has brought me. Thank You Again and Again."

— Sylvia Gentner

"My name is Ana Vergne. I am a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner who was referred to Dr. Alter by Dr. Packer, my neurosurgeon. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2002 which resulted in serious injury to my cervical spine. During the last 6 years I have been treated by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapist, neurologist, conventional chiropractors, pain management, etc. I have undergone multiple MRI's, CT Scan's, epidurals, and have been prescribed many medications to ease my pain and discomfort. The last 6 years of my life have been physically and emotionally exhausting while trying to... read more"

— Ana Vergne

"For years I have not had full neck movement, but after one treatment from Dr. Alter, my atlas is in place and I am able to move my neck fully, without discomfort. The adjustment is staying in place too!"

— Beki Rosenthal

"I feel obliged in writing this letter to thank you for the way I feel, since coming to you for treatments. I’ve had constant headaches and neck pain for the past 20 years, and tried all kinds of over the counter, as well as prescription pills, nothing really helped me. It’s almost two months since I’ve had a headache and my neck feels much better as well. Your treatments have also helped my lower back and my sciatica. Thank You Sincerely."

— Bella Suppa, 10.17.2007

"This is a Big Thank You for taking away my migraine headaches! I have been suffering with migraines since 1986. I had a car accident and was diagnosed with whip lash and soon after- the migraines started. I have been to many neurologists, internists, and chiropractics- I have been diagnosed with simple migraines, and cluster headaches. They were not so simple though. I would have a droopy eyelid and my mouth would drop. Treatments over the years have included prophylaxis type and treatment type medications. Over the years I have had many tests and... read more"

— Bill Caruso

"I had suffered with back pain for months due to a series of injuries. After numerous treatment modalities, none of which provided any relief, I serendipitously found Dr. Alter. During the initial consultation appointment it was apparent that Dr. Alter was very well versed in anatomy and physiology. His thorough explanations of how Orthogonal Chiropractics would benefit me made a lot of sense to me. As a dentist who is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of occlusal imbalances... read more"

— Bonnie Rae, DMD · Docor of Dental Medicine · 03.2008

"My name is Ben Hutley and I was in an accident about three months ago. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance for pain in the lower back and my neck wasn't working. I had a back and neck X ray.

I was referred to Dr. Alter and I feel like I have a new neck. I can turn my head, it's wonderful. I noticed improvement from my first date of treatment and I improved each time I came. My shoulder was also hurting badly and with treatment Dr. Alter gave me, I can now move my arm freely. Overall, I feel that I am 90% better after having this treatment.

If I had not had this treatment I'd be hurting and unable to function. I'm very glad I was referred to him. He's a good doctor and I would recommend him to anyone. I love his staff too!"

— Benjamin Hutley

"I have suffered with severe muscle fatigue around my neck. I also had lower back pain and discomfort, as well as headaches. I had trouble sleeping because of these problems. I had previously seen another chiropractor for this problem using a different approach than Dr. Alter. I also would take Ibuprofen to deal with the pain.

I heard about Dr. Alter from a close friend. I have had tremendous success with Dr. Alter's treatment. I have no more headaches, no more back pain and I am sleeping AGAIN!! I would say I have had an 80% improvement. The amount of money I have spent with Dr. Alter to correct these problems has been well worth it. Without this type of treatment I would be shortening my work day, cutting back my clientele (I am a private music teacher as well as a record producer.) I also would probably be drinking more to deal with the discomfort."

— Bryan Johnson, 03.2010

"My name is Analucia Toral, I am a Kindergarten/First grade teacher. For the past 3 years I have been through a mother's worse fear... that of seeing your child go through pain and sickness on a continuous basis. When I say continuous basis, I mean visiting the doctor every week, medications and monthly visits to the pulmonologist... read more"

— Cailyn Champenois and Analucia Toral

"Hi Dr. Alter, Sorry I've taken so long to write this testimonial, but I've been so busy!!!! You are truley my HERO!!!!! When I came to you I was desperate, and I came only because desperate people do desperate things.

Although my next door neighbor and close friend had been praising you for over a year, and I did see her go from lying in bed crying for about six months to doing gardening... read more"

— Corinne Kirby

"My Vertigo Relief From Dr. Alter And His Atlas Adjustments

I came to be treated by Dr. Ryan Alter for severe vertigo from Meniere's disease that has afflicted me since May of 2001... The principles of Atlas Orthogonal were explained in depth to me by Dr. Alter and I agreed to go through the protocol.... As the "son of a mechanic", it made sense to me that if my head tilted 11 degrees towards the right (the side of my head affected by Meniere's, that this may provide some nerve relief.. I am very pleased to tell you that after about 2 1/2 weeks, my vertigo symptoms showed improvement to the point that I have been able to play games with my three youngest children, attend family functions, be around loud noises, etc. These might seem like simple things that one might not understand unless you lose them... I am, and will always, very grateful for Dr. Alter being able to be the only doctor able to improve my quality of life. I hope my story will give others the hope to "never" give up.

Thank you, Dr. Alter, for sharing your specialized training in upper cervical with me."

— Dave Deptula, 03.24.2008

"Dear Dr. Alter, After many years of chronic neck pain I have finally found relief thanks to you, Dr. Alter.

While surfing the net in search of help for my neck pain, I came upon your webpage. My interest was immediately peaked. I have never been to a Chiropractor but I was sure that I did not believe in their methods. But after reviewing your technique using Atlas Orthogonality and reviewing the recent local news reports I have to admit, I was very interested. This was something new and seemed very different from anything I had ever heard about."

— Debra Kokotoff

"Dr. Alter always found time to answer my questions about why I was having a physical problem, and how to handle it. He was an excellent resource for understanding the simple mechanics of how o sleep, move, and sit in positions that help keep my body in shape and prevent setbacks."

— Diane Lamoureux

"My medical problems began approximately eight years ago. It was election morning and when I tried to get out of bed it was nearly impossible. The room was spinning and the slightest movement caused nausea and vomiting. I couldn't walk steady and had to hug the walls just to make it to the bathroom.

My husband brought me to my primary care physician who prescribed valium and bed rest. My physician was interested in finding my "trigger" which brought these attacks on. They occurred almost every six months, without warning and each episode."

— Donna Faranda

"Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic has almost completely eliminated my neck and back pain. As an Executive Assistant with AOL.....many hours in front of the computer........Dr. Alter's approach to my pain was completely different from any other Chiropractor I had been to...I am very grateful."

— Elaine Meadows, Executive Assistant AOL

"Dear Dr. Alter, When first told about your type of chiropractic medicine I laughed and said it could not be so. I was resigned to the fact that my lower back pain was here to stay and that I would have to live with it as well as hip pain although it was detected that I have no bone loss or abnormalities in either hip.

Now after several visits I am relatively pain free and can detect when my head has slipped off the atlas and needs adjusting...My hips also have little to no pain. I am relieved to know that there is some one who can free me of pain for a time and that relief is only a visit away. I am confident that the visits will be farther apart as time goes on.
Thank you Dr. Alter. Gratefully yours."

— Ellen Liebman

"What do I think of Dr. Alter? One word comes to mind...genuine. He truly cares about his patients, I know, I was one of his patients. He will go to all lengths to find the problem and work with you to get better! I have never felt like a number in the systems... get you in and get you out, he listens, observes, and he is empathetic. I would not have made it in my job as a massage therapist without chiropractic care and the caring support of a great doctor."

— Gail Parr, Licensed Massage Therapist LMT

"Before seeing Dr. Alter I had pain in my spinal cord and in my left leg. I went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for treatment and spent thousands of dollars. In the past I received epidural injections, I used ice packs, and I took Tylenol and other over the counter medications for relief. I heard about Dr. Alter through another patient and I have responded satisfactory to his treatment. After about 3 weeks I started feeling much better!! If it weren't for Dr. Alter I would be in serious pain."

— Idalide Palacios

"Over the last year, Dr. alter has taken care of my son, myself, and my newborn baby. We have learned so much rom hi,m, and not just Chiropractic information. Dr. Alter lives the lifestyle he promotes; his personality and spirit are always bright. From car accident to pregnancy to new birth, Dr. Alter has seen us through a lot. We are well, in large part, thanks to him!"

— Jamie, Alden and Leland Wynne, Jacksonville, FL

"Dr. Ryan is great......His treatments combine honed skills and clinical intuition...He gives full attention to my needs and always treats me with great respect care...He has provided excellent help for my neck and back for two years.....I am indebted to him for all he has done to improve my health."

— Jared R. Goldman, Certified School Psychologist

"1. DR ALTER is a "Board Certified, Chiropractic Physician in Gentle and Effective Atlas Orthogonal Spinal Correction procedure."

2. Mrs. Haney and I found DR. ALTER to be well versed in his field. He is quite knowledgeable about Chiropractic principles, treatments, and procedures. Most important he communicates his expertise to his patients in laymen's language, frequently using illustrations from daily life to make his point. He takes time to explain procedures and answers patients' questions before initiating any treatment.

3. He is precise in analysis, diagnosis, and selection of the best therapy for any given patient. He quickly establishes rapport with his patients and engenders their trust and confidence. He has a delightful sense of humor which he tactfully employs as needed.

4. We therefore make this recommendation freely and voluntarily without any reservations."

— Chaplain John C. Haney & Mrs. Patricia Haney

"Up until this past summer ('07), my story had always been that I have suffered from a headache almost everyday for that past 20 years. Somedays it was a tension headache or sinus pressure and other days it was a full blown migraine where I would be laid out for 24 hours. I would get a few migraines per month and sometimes several in 1 week.

Then, my parents were watching the news and told me about this Chiropractor in Delray that I should go check out..."he's the migraine doctor," they said. I called immediately for an appointment and was greeted by one of the sweetest sounding receptionist ever....Maureen. As soon as I arrived to the office."

— Kelly McCall

"Dr. Alter treated both myself and my daughter in a caring gentle manner. He was an integral part in my healing following a motor vehicle accident."

— Kimberly van Scriver, M.D. OB/GYN

"Dr. Alter thoroughly explained the procedure to me and said he felt he could reduce my headaches, which I was having on a daily basis. He also offered to explain the procedure to my husband, either in person or on the phone. I had two treatments and basically my headaches were gone. I had a few little headaches, but they disappeared on their own. I did have to take a half of an Excedrine Migraine tablet a couple of times, but that was the extent of meds used. I feel this procedure helped me greatly and I have told several friends, who suffer from Migraines, about Dr. Alter."

— Linda P. Argersinger

"I have had migraine headaches since my puberty. It became more severe after I turned 40. I'm 45 now. I had headaches at least 20 days a month. On top of that, in recent years I have had neck pain + upper back pain. The pain even came down to my arms. Even my fingers were sometimes numb. Since I remember I have been treated for my headaches by many different doctors mainly neurologists. All of them gave me more and stronger pain killers. The last one sent me to a physical therapist which unfortunately made my neck and my arm pain much worse. I was in so much pain that I couldn't even sleep at night. It was about this time that a good friend of mine had seen a report on Dr. Alter on local T.V. She persuaded me to see him. I was very skeptical. But I thought why not I would give it a shot. I remember before Dr. Alter adjusted my neck he asked me how bad my pain was from the score 1 to 10. Even with the pain killer that I had taken prior to my visit, I felt the pain was more than I could bear and it was definitely beyond 10.

Right after he adjusted my neck I felt much better and relaxed. It was as if someone had taken the pressure off my nerves. I have been Dr. Alter's patient since June 2007 (I had a six week vacation in between). I visit his office twice a week. And I must say I have almost no pain in arms. My upper back pain has decreased from 10+ to 2/3. I sleep wonderfully at nights now. My migraine headaches have perhaps slightly improved. But I think Dr. Alter can help me on that too. I look forward to every visit I have with Dr. Alter. He has a very pleasant office and a fantastic and at the same time professional staff."

— Marjan Morshed

"My history before discovering Orthogonal Chiropractic and Dr. Alter:

I have terrible headaches since February 2006. I have had the following tests :
Multiple MRI's with and without contrast Head and Neck, MRA's, Carotid artery test, Nerve conduction tests, 3-day hospital stay, Heart stress test and entire cardiology test for PFO, Neuroopthamologist Eye exams, etc... read more"

— Maura Rooney, 04.09.2008

"Before going to see Dr.Alter I was very skeptical about Chiropractors. I've heard so many mixed reviews throughout the years and I was truthfully very nervous. One of my dearest friends is a patient of Dr. Alters and during a bout of severe neck pain she convinced me to make an appointment to see him.

Well, the rest is history."

— Mindy Cahn

"I have never been to a Chiropractor before now and have always been skeptical of how much good I could do for me. Going to Dr. Alter has not only changed my view but also my level of health."

— Nathan Wilbur, Administrator

"Dr. Alter made me feel like I was part of my "health team". As a team player he always expressed his concerned for me and never limited himself to just guessing at what might be the problem but used his medical knowledge, wisdom and common sense to calculate and resolve my health issues. He was always courteous, cordial, and never made me feel ignorant or out of place. The only time he disappointed me was the day he informed me he was moving to another city. I will miss my chiropractor."

— Rev. Mickey Mixon, Jacksonville, FL

"Since treatment from Dr. Alter in June 2003, my migraines, neck, and shoulder pain have all but disappeared.....I have lived with migraines being a part of my life for the last 23 years....I never expected such fast and quick relief....I owe it all to Dr. Alter."

— Rhonda Camp

"Dear Dr. Alter, I want to express my appreciation to you for bringing me through these last several months of excruciating headaches, neck aches, dizziness and weakness after not only experiencing a severe brain concussion, but a serious automobile accident, which resulted in the airbag hitting me in the head, worsening the brain concussion.

Your treatments have helped me to the point where my episodes of headaches, neck aches, dizziness and weakness are far apart and I know I am well on the road to recovery. Thank you!"

— Robert Scheri, 11.20.2007

"It was about twenty years ago that I had a skiing accident on the slopes of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I fell on my head and shoulders and every since that day I had head, neck and shoulder pain. This started a twenty year long quest to stop my pain. I tried many different chiropractors and body workers and I must admit that they helped, but Rolfing is the one therapy that gave me the most relief. But nothing really stopped or cured my neck, shoulder or head pain.

I was watching the local news and saw a report on Dr. Alter and his Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic technique. I immediately made any appointment for an evaluation . After my first treatment I was amazed that I had no more pain anywhere. I was also amazed that I held this adjustment. I did have some soreness on my right side but NO PAIN anywhere. I continue to see Dr. Alter but so far I am holding my alignment and continue to experience a life without neck, shoulder or head PAIN. Regards.

— Roberta Oswald, 06.28.2007

"I am Sharon a wife, mother, and a new grandmother of a 2 year old girl named Sarina. My entire family has been under Dr. Alter's care for over a year and we are feeling much better.

I want to share with you Sarina's story. She was brought to Dr. Alter a little over a year ago with a limp and raised shoulder; she tripped and fell often due to this. It gave her a lot of discomfort causing her to wiggle around and moan. Sarina was born with Torticolli which caused her head to be pulled towards the left. With therapy she improved quite a bit.

Dr. Alter assured us that her condition could be corrected and that treatment for such a young child would be safe and very effective. Sarina's dad decided to let Dr. Alter treat her and after a set of x-rays, and a simple adjustment Sarina's life has been "ALTERED" forever. Almost immediately her limp disappeared, her shoulder straightened out and she has no more Torticolli! She has held her adjustment for over a year and is a very healthy, athletic child.

Thank you Dr. Alter for you dedication o my family and for changing Sarina's life."

— Sharon Ropp

"I'm writing to thank you for your treatment using MyoFacial Disruption Technique. Past my mid-thirties, I am more aware now than ever of exercising in a way that improves mobility and flexibility. I consistently work with kettlebells and practice systems such as Z-Health. That said, along the way I still have experienced tweaks and pulls in joints, ligaments and muscles. Since I've incorporated your MFDT treatment into my lifestyle I have been amazed at the immediate "healing" and recovery that you've been able to provide. I've walked into your office with considerable pain in the back of my knee and walked out with no pain and with the ability to fully engage in exercises that require the knee joint to work optimally. I've come in with a forearm pull and with a upper back/neck stiffness. In both cases you were able to use MFDT to immediately eliminate symptoms of pain, soreness, and weakness. I've been amazed to see how your application of MFDT gets me immediately "back in the game". And trust me, I don't like sitting on the sidelines."

— Stephen Nepa

"I have been treated by Dr. Alter for the past two years. I have Parkinson's Disease. I know that I feel better when my neck is properly aligned, and recently I had a very definite confirmation of that. One morning I started feeling much shakier than usual. Two days later with the tremor still more evident than normal, I had an appointment with Dr. Alter. Sure enough, my atlas needed adjusting. A few hours later after the adjustment, I definitely calmed down and was back to my usual self. It is always so good to find a treatment that can make such a difference!"

— Susan Wuest

"I was very sick for the past three years. I thought that I had a trigeminal neuralgia. I had terrible headaches and dizziness. My wife contacted a Trigeminal Neurology Association, and they sent us some documents. One of them said that many people were helped by upper cervical chiropractors. We found Dr. Alter on line. After the first treatment my headaches and dizziness disappeared. Many dentists told me I have severe TMJ. After Dr. Alter adjusted me my jaw went to a more normal position. I don't have to undergo a $20,000 dental surgery. I am very grateful to Dr Alter for giving me my pain free life back. Thank you so much. God bless."

— Tapio Lonnqvist

"During 40 years of suffering from chronic neck problems, I seen numerous medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors without appreciable improvement ......after Dr. Ryan's first treatment, my neck pain was significantly reduced..and after several follow up treatments, the pain was completely gone and my neck flexibility exceeded that of most people....... Dr. Ryan is the most competent chiropractor I have ever been treated by and without reservation I would strongly recommend his services!"

— Vincent English, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) · United States Army

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Dr. Alter. I was 43 years old and pregnant with my third child when I was first seen as a patient. He has treated me for over a year now and has helped me in many ways. He listened to my concerns and gave me sound advice when needed. I appreciated his honesty, and undivided attention. I never felt rushed.

Dr. Alter has also treated my three girls ages 6, 2, and 1. They tell me their neck hurts just to see the doctor. He is a very caring man and where ever he practices he will be a great asset."

— Wendy Fraser

"Thanks, Dr. Alter. I know you said my neck was 'a mess,' but you have worked a miracle!"

— Christie Nielsen

"He will go to all lengths to find the problem and work with you to get better!"

— Gail Parr

"I have experienced such a great improvement in my life since I started seeing Dr. Alter. He knows what to do, and I am truly thankful."

— Cindy Silva

"For the first time in a long time, I can enjoy life."

— Patricia Lewis

"I am very grateful to Dr. Alter and his staff for the relief of pain he has brought me!"

— Sylvia Gentner

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